Il fait chaud!


In my garden area (le jardin, the garden) there just isn’t any shade (l’ombrage, shade) and it’s getting REALLY hot out there.  Il fait chaud! Which literally translates to “it makes hot” and IT’S MAKING HOT!

For a portable shade I went to the fabric store (during their great Memorial Day sale 60% off woo hoo) and got a few yards of beautiful floral prints and toile.  I cut out rectangles to make up the final size I wanted and stitched them together with french seams.  I used french seams so it would be as beautiful on the inside as the outside.  I then made some muslin double fold bias tape and finished off the edges.  The fabric was reinforced with small squares of tent repair material, where I wanted to place the ties.  Large metal grommets were placed at those reinforced points.  I ran some cotton rope through the grommets and tied it to some garden stakes I picked up at the hardware store.

I really enjoyed reading there this morning with some fresh picked gardenias from the yard :)  J’aime le sent des jasmins (I love the smell of gardenias)  The project ended up costing about $25.  Much less than the canopies you buy at the store and I think a bit more creole chic.



A few more  french words for this hot day:

Sun – Le soleil
To shine – Faire soleil
Sunset – Le soleil couché ( I love that because coucher means to go to bed, the sun goes to bed)