La variété fait la beauté

La variété fait la beauté is an old creole saying that variety makes beauty.  This has been so true at my bird feeder this year!  I don’t ever remember seeing such color.  It is beautiful!

And the songbirds!  They remind me of a little ditty – Fi Fi Fa Ré Sol Chante Rossingnol!  I’m not sure of the origin, or proper translation.  But, I would guess the Fi, Fa, Ré and Sol are like singing Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, etc. and Chante Rossingol is “sings the nightingale”!

Here are a few common birds in creole french:
Cardinal – Le Cardinal
Crow/Blackbird - L’Oiseau Noir
Mockingbird – Le Moqueur
Hummingbird – Z’oiseau de Fleurs
Small bird like a finch or sparrow - Le ti gris
Redwinged Blackbird – Le Caporal
birdsColors2Robin – La grive
Woodpecker – Le pique du bois
Blue jay – Le geai bleu