The gator, the turtle and the snake!

My husband came to get me.  He was telling me to come see the beautiful irises that were in bloom just off the pier.  When we got back to the spot where he was standing, just a few minutes earlier, a nice little gator had climbed up in his place with a turtle and a snake skimming the water just off the pier.  You just never know what is lurking in the grass nearby!

I got such a kick out of this typical Louisiana experience I had to make the image part of the header for this new blog.

I plan to use this blog as a way to create interest in and preservation of our French Creole culture and language here in Avoyelles Parish.

Here are a few words from today’s post:turtSnkAli

Iris – la glaie bleu and I’ve also heard la lys bleu
Alligator – le cocodrie
Snake – le serpent
Turtle – la tortue

I wonder what kind of gris gris it is to see all three together?   I’m thinking my grand-mère would say…. ce n’est pas bon (this is not good)!